Gordon in acrylic

9 10 2014

Painting by Julia Storrs, 2001.


MixTV is in Berkeley

10 02 2013


Angie and I decided to move our radio productions to TV. Our new name: Mix TV. And we have a new studio in Berkeley.

Fu-De (The Brush)

2 11 2012

Great film from rising director Charlie Corriea

Coppola Working

9 12 2011

Apoc Now

Artist at work on the apocalypse - photo by Michael Herr

In December of 1976 I got on a bus on Roxas Boulevard in Manila at 5am bound for Pagsanjan. Over the next two days I played an American GI whooping it up at a USO show featuring three Playboy Playmates. Yes, the famous playmate scene. Quite an education in Big Moviemaking. I did not know at the time the difficulties Francis had already been through…it did not show on his face. He was thinner than his pictures from years earlier, winning Oscars for the Godfather movies. But other than that he was like a Zen Master, walking the set (dressed in GI uniform– rank Private…his was the only one out of two hundred uniforms I saw that day that had his real name over he pocket, “Coppola”.) He stood for quite a while right next to me, watching the rehearsal unfold (we rehearsed during the day, shot at night) occasionally giving instructions to Jerry Zeismer and Larry Franco, his assistant directors. Vittorio Storaro (background, left) had a large crew and multiple camera setups. The stage performers were incredible, not only Cyndi Wood, Linda Carpenter and Colleen Camp, but the band –Flash Cadillac and the Continental Kids, who laid out a slinky, killer version of Suzie Q, and, believe it or not, R&B legend LaVerne Baker, who regaled us with Jim Dandy and See See Rider. That was the day I met Bill Graham for the first time, but that’s another story.

Terry Southern? I know that name…

12 03 2011

Southern chronicled and acidly lampooned the mores of mid-century America in his novels Candy, Flash and Filigree and The Magic Christian. With devastating screen dialogue he transformed Dr. Strangelove into a dark classic of Cold War paranoia, and likewise elevated the low-budget Easy Rider into an unflinching, unforgettable cinematic portrait of the real limits of freedom in America. His cutting-edge journalism in Esquire covered the upheavals of the 1960s, from the Bay of Pigs to the chaotic Democratic Convention in Chicago, and his beyond-the-fringe humor landed him up as a writer on Saturday Night Live. A giant of American literature whose star faded as the times changed, Terry Southern is exactly the type of cultural figure we need now. Bold and ruthlessly honest, funny and tragic. I laugh out loud, fall out of my chair, when I re-read The Magic Christian. Good for what ails ya’.
Terry Southern. American. Writer. 1924-1995.

Glue-up of a new guitar

19 12 2010

102_1151, originally uploaded by Gordon Whiting.

April 2007. Christian Whiting’s guitar project. We glued the maple top, in two book-matched pieces, onto the mahogany body. We used Keva blocks as spacers to keep the clamps from damaging the surface. The black banding is cut bicycle inner tubes– stretched evenly but very tight. This rig did the job. The top fused cleanly to the body, and has held up very well (almost four years now).

Dirk Hamilton and Gary Roda

18 12 2010

Dirk Hamilton and Gary Roda, originally uploaded by Gordon Whiting.

Outside Blackwater Cafe, Stockton, CA. Oct 30, 2009

The Dirk Hamilton Band has a home port called The Blackwater Cafe, a great little joint on Yosemite Street in Stockton. I don’t know exactly how long Dirk’s been playing there, but let’s just say decades. Always a treat to see him there, its got special mojo. This pic was taken on a break between sets, outside the front doors. Guirtarist Gary Roda is the gent on Dirk’s left.


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